2-Person 16-Panel Ivory Umbrellas. Nicole Nichols Photography.

Go ahead, let it rain on your parade. We’ve got you covered.

Shawls for the guests. Studio JK Photography.

Invite Mother Nature. If she gets irritable, hand her a shawl.

We welcome every forecast with open arms. And open umbrellas (blankets, fans and faux furs, too.)

You can’t control the forecast; you can accessorize accordingly.

Prop it up!

Prop it up with umbrellas!

Celebrate Comfortably.

Select the Weather That Worries You

Rain & Drizzle
Rent Umbrellas

Rain & Drizzle

Don't let a little rain dampen your spirits. Umbrellas will keep your mind at ease - whatever Mother Nature has in store.
Blistering Sun
Rent Umbrellas

Blistering Sun

Sweaty, super-hot, sunburned guests makes for a cranky crew. Keep them shaded and cool with umbrellas. They're not just for rain anymore!
Unexpectedly Cool
Rent Shawls

Unexpectedly Cool

No one likes to be chilly - especially at an event. If the weather is predicted to be cooler than usual or you have out-of-town guests who may not come prepared, think ahead for them. The ladies will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will love wrapping themselves in a shawl.
Faux Fur Throws
Rent Faux Fur Throws

Winter Chill in the Air

Sometimes, we still want to be outdoors, despite a chill in the air. Especially when we're planning to have a fire pit, ice luge, sleigh ride, or enjoy a gondola ride. What better way to keep guests happy than offer plush faux fur throws?
Dropping Temps
Rent Fleece Blankets

Dropping Temps

It's no fun when your outdoor event is threatened by dropping temperatures. Keep your guests cozy and happy with comfy fleece blankets.
Snowflakes Flying
Rent Umbrellas

Snowflakes Flying

Snow can be a fun addition to an event. However, it's not a friend to professional hair and and makeup. Keep covered with umbrellas. Perfect photo prop too!

How Rental Works


Choose the perfect products for your event. Even if it's last minute, don’t hesitate to reach out. It's never too late - we can often fulfill last-minute orders and help you stand up to Mother Nature! We're here if you are stumped and need some help figuring out a solution. Contact us.

Reserve your products

You can book online or by contacting our super-friendly team at (877) 747-4466 or e-mail us. We’ll reserve the items just for you!

Rest easy

Rental orders ship via UPS Ground for FREE! Your items will arrive the last business day before your event. To return the items, just pop them back in the box and drop them at UPS! For our Colorado clients, warehouse pick-up is also available in Denver.


Real Wedding | Umbrellas Save the Day

A July snowstorm threatened this beautiful mountain wedding. Luckily, the event planning team at Revel and Bloom had our white 1-Person Umbrellas with them. Watch this film to see how this couple still enjoyed their dream wedding (specifically at the 1:00 minute mark). Film courtesy of Pure Cinematography.
Our Job is Partnering with Event Planners for Creative Solutions

What's better than a New Orleans-style second line parade? One with a dress-up station!! BBC Destination Management asked us for parasols and fans for fun accessories for the International Special Events Society. This organization is comprised of event pros - people who've seen it all - but look at their faces. They had a BLAST!