5 weather tips to save your event

You've spent countless hours planning your event; Mother Nature shouldn't ruin it. She's going to be there, but here are some tips to plan around her, whatever she brings.

1. Communicate contingency plan with guests

Share event plans with guests through your event website, social media, and email. Include links to weather.com or local news stations so they can easily view details. Consider setting up a group text through a service like GroupTexting.com to quickly notify guests of event adjustments, weather contingency plans, or even emergency situations.

2. Provide accessories to keep them comfy

Many guests travel for events. Sometimes, they don't have the appropriate clothing or accessories. Think ahead and have items on-hand to keep your guests cozy, comfy, cool - and happy! Include signage so they know whether to borrow or take. Ideas: umbrellas, blankets, shawls, parasols, and fans. Photo credit: Ali Brennan Photography

3. Watch the weather

Plan for the weather up to a year ahead by using a website like WeatherPlanner.com. You can even create a banner for your event website using their banner tool!


4. Plan for extra considerations

If you’re hosting the event at a private home, you might need to arrange for snow plowing, tent permitting, or sprinkler shut-off. If you're not sure who to use, ask for referrals ahead of time so you don't have to scramble at the last minute. Keep their contact information in your planning tool so you can reach them quickly, if necessary.


5. Prop it up

Regardless of the weather, you've been planning this event for a while. Enjoy it and get great photos! Practical weather protection like umbrellas, parasols, and blankets make for unique and creative props.

Fun with umbrellas

We know the weather can be an added stress when planning an event. We're here to help. Even if you just need a friendly ear, we are happy to brainstorm solutions to ease your mind. Give us a jingle (303-578-8889) or shoot us an email.