Who We Are

At Weather or Not (WoN), we help you celebrate comfortably. We rent and sell various products, including umbrellas, blankets, throws, shawls, fans, parasols, and heel guards. With them, you can offer both style and creature comforts to your guests.

Our focus on hospitality is not just about comfort for guests. Our WoN family wants first and foremost to care for everyone we touch—from clients and industry partners to family and friends. From brainstorming creative decorating ideas to finding the perfect color, we’re passionate about what we do. We love life, relationships, and connecting with others. Contact us; we’d love to hear from you!

President & Owner Nilufer (“Nil”) Saltuk (formerly Soucek) was inspired by the custom of hospitality in her Turkish roots. As a former wedding planner, she worked on events where weather was a real consideration. In her homeland, hosts offer shawls to their guests to keep them warm. Now, Weather or Not shawls are hand-selected at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Weather or Not was founded in early 2010 and until recently was known as “Splendor for Your Guests”. In 2012, the company won “Best Support Services” from the Denver chapter of the International Live Events Association (ILEA) (formerly International Special Events Society – ISES). Nil also won “Member of the Year” and “Recruiter of the Year” in 2013 as well as “Recruiter of the Year” in 2014. Nil was also very honored to serve as President for the Denver chapter from July 2015 through June 2016.


Giving the world a hug, one event at a time.


We help people celebrate comfortably by providing resourceful solutions, such as umbrellas, blankets, shawls, delivered with integrity.


These are the values about which we are super-passionate. We will do anything to uphold these principles in our work with our clients, our partners and our team.


We stand by our word – at all cost.


We will do everything we can to ensure we deliver what we promise. We’ve had products ready for pick-up in six minutes (but we’d prefer a little more time than that).


We all love helping people find what they’re looking for – even if it’s not a product we usually carry. Need something special? Ask us. If we can’t provide it, we’ll do our absolute best to find it for you and connect you with someone who can.


We do our work with passion and excitement and look for partners and suppliers who are the same way. In our opinion, there’s no other way to live.


We value personal connection as the basis for human interaction and enjoy every moment with our clients and partners. And… we’re huggers.



President & Owner

Born in Istanbul, Turkey and raised in Rhode Island, Nil developed a love for connecting people, especially across cultures. Being from a long line of entrepreneurs, her mind is always racing with ideas. She began a wedding planning company in 2004. As all coordinators do, Nil developed many back-up plans to protect her guests’ events regardless of Mother Nature’s intention. Being able to rent (or purchase) accessories like umbrellas was the simple, ideal solution! Thus, Weather or Not was born and reflects the value of hospitality that is so important in Turkish culture.

Toll-Free: (877) 747-4466 ext. 101
Local: (303) 578-8889 ext. 101
Mobile: (303) 931-4164
Email: Nil@weatherornotaccessories.com


Director of Sales

Lori has a true love of fashion, with an 18-year background in wardrobe and image consulting. As a client of Lori’s, Nil experienced Lori’s customer service firsthand. When it came time to invite another person to join the Weather or Not family, Lori was the obvious choice because of her approach to life and her consideration for everyone she touches. Her level of devotion to each client is so apparent. When our clients work with Lori, she not only serves them as a Weather or Not representative, but also as a true friend.

Toll-Free: (877) 747-4466 ext. 102
Local: (303) 578-8889 ext. 102
Mobile: (720) 272-0977
Email: Lori@weatherornotaccessories.com


Director of Operations

Moira came to Colorado from Montana (by way of DC) in 2008, but weddings and events have been in her blood for much longer. She was raised in a family-owned catering company, spent a few years planning events in DC, and currently co-owns a photography company with her husband (J. La Plante Photo). Nothing makes her happier than delivering professional service with a smile and finding ways to delight her clients. In her spare time, you can find her curled up with a good book, skiing a local mountain or traveling to the next spot on her list of Places to Visit.

Toll-Free: (877) 747-4466 ext. 107
Local: (303) 578-8889 ext. 107
Email: Moira@weatherornotaccessories.com